DSM: Re: thankyou 60minutes

From: david greenberg (davidg@glinx.com)
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 19:19:41 EDT

For those who asked what did I think of the 60 minutes show? this is my

Thank you 60 minutes for showing your viewers that there is another way.
That some parents send their children to a school where they can play video
games all day. Thats all day. Thank you for making it a point that they can
play video games all day and for helping the viewers think that students do.
Thank you 60 minutes for showing a school where students can read all day
or go sledding, do pottery, paint, play piano, or play play play. Thank you
to all of the students who took time out of their busy day to talk to the
producers. Thanks to the students who may not have talked to the producers,
film crew etc, but who allowed the 60 minutes team into their space. Thanks
to the parents for taking time to talk to Mr. Safer. Thank you Hanna, Danny
and Mimsey and all the staff for working your asses off getting it together
over the past 33 years. Congratulations to a job well done. Thank you 60
minutes, we have people sending us job applications, people phoning us to
find out more about our school in NOVASCOTIA of all places.
 I am filled with great emotion at such thoughtfulness shown by the
producers and Mr Safer who chose to do a show on Sudbury Valley School and
who also chose to keep in many of Danny's provcative quotes. Thank you for
showing the school as it is. Not perfect. but very very real.

Stephanie Smith
Wolfville NovaScotia Canada


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