DSM: Metafilter discussion of 60 Minutes

From: aamb@mediaone.net
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 16:35:02 EDT


above is the link to a discussion which was spawned on Metafilter after the
show. It is a voluminous reaction to the 60 Minutes show.

Metafilter is a fascinating discussion place which is, in part, driven by
one's ability to provide interesting links on the web. Notice that
highlighted text is a live link to somewhere else, and the text just rolls
on, providing context to the link.

The tone of the discussion is a bit less restrained than we'd like to see
here -- in part driven by one's relative anonymity on Metalink. I also
imagine the participants to be skewed a bit towards techies.

I imagine that most of the commenters did not actually see the show, but
base their observations on the link to the school's web site. There are 67
comments so far; someone should profile what portion are positive, neutral,
or negative. I would expect that they would neutral plus negative would be
a majority.


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