Re: DSM: Family vs. Community

Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 23:52:00 EDT

Dear Kolleen,

Thank you for your post.

First, I have absolutely no advise.

But I can tell you about me. I am reminded of when Danny states that this
slim notion of respect for a child ends up having devastating consequences.
I, also, moved with my family across the country so that our son could attend
a Sudbury Model school. I worked about four years on it. I read at least 250
books. I taught public school myself to see if there was any way to make that
work. We visited at least 80 different schools, of all types. We visited
Sudbury type schools in Florida, Vancouver, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut,
Santa Fe, Phoenix, Framingham. Toward the end, just before the move, I
realized I was working on it non-stop. I paused long enough to consider the
question: "Would I do this, even if I died trying"? I love your question. It
is the one I had, in front of me. What is more valuable to a child, respect
or a father? It's a hard call. For me I ended up deciding I would do it even
if it killed me. It was much easier then. I ended up feeling, what the hell
good was a father, if he couldn't find a place where his son was respected.
What the hell good was a father, if he wouldn't die trying?

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson


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