Re: DSM: The Value of the Sudbury Model

From: Martin Wilke (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 04:01:57 EDT

David Rovner schrieb:
> Alan . . .
> education is NOT a community responsibility, and should NOT be
> paid for through taxes.
> Education is a PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY, and should be
> paid for by parents -- If YOU want to help them, you will not be
> stopped.

Education should NOT be parents' responsibility. There are so many
sadistic parents who put their children into boot camps and the like.

> A society cannot decide everything it wants -- there is a limit to
> intervention, and the limit is INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

But who, then, decides how far individual rights go? This can be done
only in a democratic process.

And it is exactly because of individual rights that I think education
should be financed by community (i.e. by tax money). I want that every
young person has an individual right to attend a democratic school
regardless of their economic background.

Martin Wilke


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