Re: Re[2]: DSM: The Value of the Sudbury Model

From: Lisa J. Cooley (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 07:59:25 EDT

Pardon me for butting in.

Why is it not the responsibility of society/community to educate the future
generation? Why is that idea anathema? Let's deal with the theory for a
moment, instead of the reality of the inequality of education across the
board. Why should it not fall to the community -- all of us -- to see that
future generations are educated?

I just sent off a big tax check, and it hurt, not because it'll pay for
education but because of the part that goes to military pork.

I have no problem financing the education of my neighbor's children -- even
if I decide to homeschool! Why should we shirk that responsibility?

Lisa Cooley

"Daddy dirty! Oh, man. Bathtub!

                        ---Eli, age 1, upon seeing his father covered with dust
                           from sanding the drywall.

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