Re: Re[2]: DSM: The Value of the Sudbury Model

From: Alan Klein (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 06:55:22 EDT

David Rovner said,

"(E)ducation is NOT a community responsibility, and should NOT be paid for
through taxes. Education is a PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY, and should be paid for
by parents..."


A few musings:

1. If it were possible for all parents to afford education for their kids,
then I would agree with you. Unfortunately, this is not the case and leaving
it entirely up to parents' own initiative means dooming many kids.

2. My main point is, as long as taxes ARE used to pay for education, then
parents/kids should be in charge of what education they pay for and should
be able to choose what type of schooling/unschooling they desire.

3. Why is education a parents' responsibility in your mind? Why not the
individual child's responsibility?


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