Re[2]: DSM: The Value of the Sudbury Model

From: David Rovner (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 02:38:06 EDT

Alan . . .
education is NOT a community responsibility, and should NOT be
paid for through taxes.
Education is a PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY, and should be
paid for by parents -- If YOU want to help them, you will not be
A society cannot decide everything it wants -- there is a limit to
intervention, and the limit is INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.
I suggest we should try and stop governments paternalistic approach . . .

I understand Sudbury Valley School is proud of existing 33 years
by now, with NO government financial support whatsoever.

David Rovner, Haifa, Israel

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>Marko said, "I would want our school to be government funded, so that
>everybody regardless of their economic status could take advantage of the

>You responded, "Marko, evidently you are guided by the statist ideology".

>What a leap! What he said was that he did not want individuals to have to
>come up with the tuition (on top of taxes they pay) for the schooling they
>want. Is your belief system one that holds that anything other than strict
>anarchic-Libertarianism is Statism? If so, then I understand your response.
>If not, then I submit that all he is saying is that, if a society decides
>that education is a community responsibility that should be paid for through
>taxes, then democratic schools should be allowed to be part of that system.

>~Alan Klein

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