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From: CindyK (cindyk@unitz.on.ca)
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 18:11:17 EDT

Thank you, Joe.

I always find your posts most enlightening. I appreciate the time and
effort you put into answering them.


> Cindy, Casey,
> With regard to swearing, Sudbury kids amaze me on two fronts:
> 1) They are highly aware and conscious of the social context they are in.
> We let Jimmy & Josette know early on that swearing was not important to
> but that what might be important to them was to realize that some people
> offended by things that their buddies might not care about. To my
> amazement, my son today has a vastly higher developed awareness of that
> context than I, who as recently as three weeks ago was seen by my unit
> officer-in-charge flipping my unit non-comm-officer-in-charge off, do.
> course the OIC agreed with my assessment, but that's a whole 'nother
> I have never, ever personally heard Jimmy use a swear word once in his
> life - *as far as he knows*. Or heard him do it in front of another
> The only time I have ever heard him swear was when we was with his
> him not aware I could hear him, which brings me to point two:
> 2) On average, they swear incredibly well.
> The time I heard this, he was with his buds playing Tony Hawk or
> and his use of vulgarity was about the most highly crafted piece of
> inflammatory language I have ever heard. While I would not like to recite
> verbatim, the cadence of one particular line of explicatives amounted to
> "well you can *verb* my *adjective*, *adjective* *participle verb*
> *noun/body part*".
> When I heard this poetically terse and Joycean diatribe spring from his
> lips, I can tell you that the pride that welled up in my chest felt the
> as it did when he read for the first time (without Linda or I ever
> suggesting he learn to read), when he first beat me at Super Smash
> without me letting him, or when he did his first nose stall.
> Of course, he was six at the time, and despite my prior assurances (to him
> and myself) that I was not personally offended by swearing, I
> heard the Dad in me say "Jimmy, that's enough." into the adjacent room
> a couple more choice morsels.
> He hears me, comes frantically tearing into my study wide-eyed and asking,
> "YOU MEAN WE CAN'T PLAY VIDEO GAMES ANYMORE!?!!", to which I laughed and
> responded, "no, I mean that's enough of 'you can *verb* my *adjective*,
> *adjective* *participle verb* *noun/body part'". Thankfully relieved, he
> said, "Oh", and ran back to his friends.
> ***
> IMO, most SM kids are more socially-aware AND vulgarity-literate than
> conventionally-schooled counterparts by a factor of a decimal point or
> In real life, both of these are a couple of the most important skills that
> people who wish to work and live with other people can have.
> Joe Jackson

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