Re: DSM: RE: Unschooling?

From: Ben Robins (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 19:49:07 EDT

>Not the opposite of coersion - the opposite of coersion on our part, being
>coersion on their part. They sometimes need to coerce us to do things we
>don't necessarily want to do.

When you get your democratic school going, it'll be interesting to hear
whether the kids need to coerce you more often or less often.

> > >The one aspect of development that we do enforce - so to speak- is the
> > >responsibility to deal with emotional issues and conflicts openly and
> > >honestly.

> > If you are enforcing it, the responsibility is yours rather than theirs.

>But as a parent, i feel responsible to teach my child certain things, and
>protect him from others. I feel that this falls into that category.

>From Stuart's post, and an earlier one from Mimsy, it sounds like most
unschoolers that check out sudbury schools do not like to leave the
protection of their parents. From my own visits to sudbury schools, it
appears that kids that grow up at sudbury schools without that protection
don't need it or want it. So whether you decide that your kid does or does
not need protection, you'll be right. Given the choice, I know which one
I'd pick.

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