RE: DSM: RE: Unschooling?

From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 15:31:04 EDT

I don't believe that Matthew was trying to distinguish unschooling from
Sudbury schooling; he thought that "unschooling" was a term being applied to
Sudbury schooling per se. That was what I was addressing, not the
differences between Sudbury schooling and unschooling.

Furthermore, I cannot address the differences between Sudbury schooling and
your actual experience with unschoolers, I only know that Holt's unschooling
bears substantial similarities to much of what happens in Sudbury schools.


> Hi Joe,
> This is Stuart from Cedarwood Sudbury School. Actually, I think
> Matthew has a
> point when he distinguishes unschooling from attending Sudbury
> Valley School.
> I love John Holt's books just as much as the next person, but most of the
> unschoolers I know are getting a much different kind of education
> from what
> students get at Sudbury Valley School. Here's what my fairly
> large sample of
> unschoolers looks like:
> --Lots of parental pressure, influence, initiation, and
> supervision regarding
> the students' activities.
> --Lots of parental control and supervision over students' social
> relationships--partly logistical in nature, but partly protective.
> In unschooling literature there is a constant refrain that
> unschooled kids
> get plenty of "socialization." "Methink they doth protest too much." Few
> parents will allow younger children to be unsupervised with a
> diverse group
> of other children of various ages. Even at park days, lots of parents are
> standing by to intervene in case of problems. Parents also limit
> whose houses
> their children can go to, and when and how often. These
> generalizations do
> not apply to every unschooler, but they do apply to most of the
> ones I know.
> Stuart

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