DSM: Connect with people in your area interested in the Sudbury model

From: Kristin Harkness (kristin@harkness.net)
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 15:28:59 EDT


Kristin Harkness here, writing on behalf of the Sudbury Education Resource
Network (SERN).

It has often been mentioned on this list that it would be great to have a
way to connect people interested in the Sudbury model with others in their
area who are similarly interested. With that in mind, SERN is launching a
new page, "Person to Person", on our web site at
http://www.sudburynetwork.org/networking.htm?People.htm. (If that link does
not work for you, try http://www.sudburynetwork.org/networking.htm and then
click on 'Person to Person') This is a 'bulletin board' style area,
organized geographically, where people can post messages about their
interest in the Sudbury model.

We have contacted some people already and the page contains a few postings.
If this interests you, please check it out. If you want to post a message,
send your message, along with your geographic area, to
info@sudburynetwork.org. The message must be about the Sudbury model, but
other than that, it is up to you. (Of course, we reserve the right not to
post messages which we feel are inappropriate).

Most of the messages currently posted are about interest in founding new
schools, and indeed, that seems like a primary reason to post. However, we
imagine other possibilities, for instance:

- interest in enrolling (oneself or one's children) in a Sudbury school, if
one started nearby;
- interest in starting a Sudbury book club;
- interest in sharing (for fun or profit) a skill you have, such as
knowledge of your state/province/country's laws re: alternative schooling,
or accounting, or advertising, or anything else you think would be useful,
with others in your area who are starting a Sudbury school.

The possibilities are limited only by our collective imagination.

Kristin Harkness

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