DSM: Today I'm really sad.

From: Kikka01 (kikka01@excite.com)
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 08:52:52 EDT

Today I'm really sad.

A friend of me, Paul, a former psychologist decided to be teacher, for the
goal to help the children. He finally became teacher of a single-class in a
public school of a little village.
After a few years of work, he became very successfull, and children that
even live 20 km from the school came to his class. He was skillfull enough
to help children that where no more accepted in other schools because of
their learning problems. The children that were also going in my free
music-school told me that they are very happy to go to this school. In the
classroom I visited a few years ago, I found very much creative tools. There
were several computers in a network, video cameras connected to them and
many musical instruments (synthesizers and percussion instruments). The
children made their own newspaper and used pictures on it that they scanned
themself with the video-cameras. They had also concerts in many places

Last week, they had a concert that has very much success. I could'nt be
there because I had to prepare another concert, but my parents were there
and they found it impressive.

For a few days, some parents accused Paul to be pedophile. The police found
the best moment to arrest him for the interrogatory : in his classroom,
before the children ! After the interrogatory they accepted to let him home,
looking forward to further investigations, but the first thing he did was to
jump from his window. He was immediatelly dead.

The witch-hunting on teachers is open ! With this neo-macarthism "Ó la
franšaise" (it is unfortunately not the first case), it is now easy to
eliminate the persons that disturb the etablishment.


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