Re: DSM: Re: name calling and swearing (FWD)

From: John Axtell (
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 12:58:46 EDT


You make a very good point. If people do not make a big issue of a specific
word it totally looses any negative impact, as was pointed out by someone else
in a previous post. I think people can get upset over the darndest things and I
really do not feel responsible, nor can I control, the actions, reactions, and
feelings of others. Free spirits must be allowed their freedom.

As Bruce pointed out to me recently, I am very judgemental. I need to
understand that all people are doing what they think is right.



Alan Klein wrote:

> John,
> As you yourself point out, the fact that "'nigger' was never a 'bad' word"
> to you is not the point. The point is what effect you are after (and what
> affect) hurt someone or to communicate your feelings or to communicate
> an idea, etc.
> In our house, words are words and we use them all, or at least all are
> equally allowed. I notice, however, that none of our three kids (24, 22, and
> 15) swear a lot, or even noticably.
> ~Alan
> John wrote:
> > I am unable to understand how people can be so judgemental about
> everything and
> > everybody. If I called someone a "bad name" in another language no one
> would say
> > anything but I would have known what I called that person and be none the
> worse
> > for wear. However, if I wanted to anger that person I would certainly need
> to use
> > a word that person would react to in anger.

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