Re: DSM: Re: name calling and swearing (FWD)

From: Alan Klein (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 14:41:00 EDT


As you yourself point out, the fact that "'nigger' was never a 'bad' word"
to you is not the point. The point is what effect you are after (and what
affect) hurt someone or to communicate your feelings or to communicate
an idea, etc.

In our house, words are words and we use them all, or at least all are
equally allowed. I notice, however, that none of our three kids (24, 22, and
15) swear a lot, or even noticably.


John wrote:
> I am unable to understand how people can be so judgemental about
everything and
> everybody. If I called someone a "bad name" in another language no one
would say
> anything but I would have known what I called that person and be none the
> for wear. However, if I wanted to anger that person I would certainly need
to use
> a word that person would react to in anger.

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