Re: DSM: RE: name calling and swearing

From: John Axtell (
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 12:54:43 EDT


I think your son will soon learn that while I am sure he is very justified in
calling your neighbor a stupid idiot that such expressions do not bode well when
his ball goes into his neighbor's yard. I explain to my children that in fact most
people think other people are not quite with it in one way or another as we are
all different. I tell them that if they want other people to be nice to them that
they need to be nice to other people - what comes around goes around. They soon
find that they will have no friends if their behavior is unacceptable to others.
The freedom they have comes with a great deal of consequences. They may not be
able to get a job, have friends or go to other people's houses.


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