Re: DSM: RE: name calling and swearing

From: caseyM (
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 11:43:59 EDT

on 4/8/01 1:12 PM, John Axtell at wrote:

> I am urging people to allow all views to be
> expressed and not get upset about them. Being tolerant takes a certain level
> of
> maturity but is something I think everyone benefits from striving toward.
> So my take is this - we must work hard to ensure that students and staff have
> the
> right to freely express their valid opinions even if those opinions offend
> others.

This is exactly what I aspire to, but it's not so easy. I am fighting the
little voice in my head that says "be nice, nice, nice" and that's my
initial reaction when my son calls a neighbor "stupid idiot."

I've noticed that it's the pubic displays of free speech (of the
name-calling variety) that make me really uncomfortable. This society is
very intolerant when children express strong feelings, either with words or
actions (crying and raging).
So, my struggle continues... thanks for helping me work this out.


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