DSM: Re: name calling and swearing (FWD)

From: CindyK (cindyk@unitz.on.ca)
Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 17:47:16 EDT

Hi Casey,

I was just introduced to this idea of free speach at the schools when I
watched one of the SVS videos. I don't remember which one because I've
watched so many that it's all a blurr now. I am still trying to get used to
the whole foul language thing myself. At first I didn't think it was
'right.' It still doesn't sit great with me but I feel it starting to
settle in my mind as many other SVS aspects have in the past, once I got
beyond the initial shock of how different it is. I think my initial
reaction had a lot to do with a 'what will the neighbours/inlaws/my mother!
think?!' attitude. So I have been mulling it over in my head for a few
days. How can I allow freedom of speech with limits? You can have freedom
of speech as long as I approve? How lame. At the same time, the idea of my
children being exposed to this kind of language is not on the top of my
desires list. (My kids are 4 and 2) Yet, I have to remember that I was
exposed to it and even when kids aren't allowed to do it, they do. I may
not have used foul language in school in front of my teachers but I
certainly used it. I think (now I'm getting hypothetical because it hasn't
happened yet) that if my kids were to pick up the nasty language habit, I
would try to keep it from happening around me. I know that this is not in
line with the whole freedom thing, but the home is different from school -
at least my home is right now. I wouldn't like it very much but I really
don't know how I'd handle it. Maybe by then, I will have evolved to the
point that it won't bother me, or maybe not. Good luck to you.

Sudbury, Ontario

PS. I love the zuzuspetals thing - it's sooo sweet! I love that movie.
Thanks for the smile! :)

> Subject: name calling and swearing
> I am new to the list and am interested in how people feel about
> and swearing. My son (5yo) attends a free school and I am sometimes
> shocked by the language the kids use with each other and the staff.
> My DS has embraced a lot of these words and uses them often at home and in
> public. I am particularly concerned with the name-calling and swearing
> outside of the (free) school environment. Some friends, neighbors and
> relatives find my DS's expanding vocabulary offensive. I am worried that
> people will run the other way when the see us coming!
> This is new to me and I'm not sure how to handle this. Any ideas?
> Casey

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