Re: DSM: Unschooling?

John Axtell (
Wed, 04 Apr 2001 14:09:34 -0700

Dear Matthew,

As a home school parent for over 30 years I do not consider SV model to
be anything near "unschooling". I totally agree with you it is a school,

John Axtell

Matthew Wolf wrote:

> I don't like the type of education I recieved in my formative years
> being classified as "unschooling." Where did this term come from?
> Maybe my objection to the term is just an issue of petty semantics,
> but as I see it, the term "unschooling" isn't really applicable to
> SVS. Enrollees at SVS learn through experience and exposure, which is
> the purpose of a school. Although students have complete freedom to
> choose what they experience or what they are exposed to, it is still
> education, A.K.A. schooling. The term "unschooling" implies that
> those who have been "unschooled" would not be prepared to succeed in
> other schools without the "un" prefix. SVS is a school, despite its
> extreme difference in philosophy from all other educational models. If
> it weren't a school, I wouldn't have paid thousands of dollars a year
> to attend...For those of you who don't know me, I graduated from SVS 2
> years ago and I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in! Political
> Science and Philosophy from American University, in Washington, DC. I
> was so far from "unschooled" at SVS, that I plan on going to school
> (without the "un") for 5 more years and getting my law degree. Matthew
> A.
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