Re: DSM: New to homeschooling and SVS
Wed, 4 Apr 2001 08:17:59 -0400


Thanks for writing and giving me your support. I also find the debate
that your comments to me sparked off very interesting. While I have yet
felt the need to participate in these philosophical debates, I do find
them valuable because the contrast in the varying opinions is really
helping me to understand the Sudbury Model to a degree that I would not
have without them.

Best Regards,

Greg wrote:

Good for you Mom and Good Luck.
I have a lot of friends who home school and all recommend reading John
book Teach your Own . You probably already have read it.
The Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore and Michealmas Press offers a lot of

books about teaching subjects more hands on.
The Waldorf Educational movement could be another resource. It is like
Sudbury Model only with more structure. Both believe in engaging a
will and never suppressing it. Academics (READING) are not taught until
grade. No text books are used children make there own lesson books.
Emphasis is on music, art, drama handwork (making clothes, dolls, straw
houses , . Two languages are taught orally from grade one .
In grade one the kids make there own knitting needles from whittling
Knitting is considered an important skill, which later aid reading and
ability. The children have the same teacher for the first 8 years.
It is very hands on and active, The Children are very active during the
Which is not the case in Public School.
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