Re: DSM: New to homeschooling and SVS

Alan Klein (
Wed, 4 Apr 2001 07:02:42 -0400


Thanks for the link to the Fairhaven article. IT is a great summary of a FAQ
of democratic schools! It also answers your question when you ask, "In what
way is the sort of school you describe similar to a Sudbury model school?"
Clearly there are many major, crucial differences. There are some
similarities, however, which are pointed out in the article.

I also like Marko's point that in many alternative schools, despite all of
their differences, one finds staff members who have actually put some
thought into their work, rather than simply "doing what's always been done".
I recall my first three years of teaching in the Ann Arbor public schools.
Although I certainly most respected my co-teacher in our
"school-within-a-school", quasi-democratic enclave, I also strangely felt
more respect to the most traditional teacher in the school than I did to the
bulk of the rest of the staff. At least she had a well thought out
philosophy and methodology. She knew why she did what she did. We disagreed
on many "first assumptions" about kids and disagreed on almost all of our
educational conclusions, but at least she had a coherent philosophy.


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