DSM: Unschooling?

Matthew Wolf (mwolfml@hotmail.com)
Wed, 04 Apr 2001 05:49:44 -0400

I don't like the type of education I recieved in my formative years being classified as "unschooling." Where did this term come from? Maybe my objection to the term is just an issue of petty semantics, but as I see it, the term "unschooling" isn't really applicable to SVS. Enrollees at SVS learn through experience and exposure, which is the purpose of a school. Although students have complete freedom to choose what they experience or what they are exposed to, it is still education, A.K.A. schooling. The term "unschooling"  implies that those who have been "unschooled" would not be prepared to succeed in other schools without the "un" prefix. SVS is a school, despite its extreme difference in philosophy from all other educational models. If it weren't a school, I wouldn't have paid thousands of dollars a year to attend...For those of you who don't know me, I graduated from SVS 2 years ago and I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Philosophy from American University, in Washington, DC. I was so far from "unschooled" at SVS, that I plan on going to school (without the "un") for 5 more years and getting my law degree.
Matthew A. Wolf

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