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> The Waldorf Educational movement could be another resource. It is like the
> Sudbury Model only with more structure.  Both believe in engaging a child's
> will and never suppressing it.  Academics (READING) are not taught until 3rd
> grade.

If I understand correctly, your point seems to be that this is a positive aspect of Waldorf since children are not pressured to begin academic learning at a very early age as they are in traditional schools. Reading may not be taught until 3rd grade (which may be okay for that small percentage of children ready to begin reading at that preceise moment), however, children who wish to begin reading earlier are actively discourged from this in the Waldorf system under the assumption that there are other (more physically-oriented) activities that children should be pursuing earlier. This is at least the way it is here in Germany (the home of Waldorf!) and in Italy as well to my knowledge. The concept that there are appropriate activities for certain ages or that there is even a certain appropriate order of learning is the antithesis of the Sudbury model as I understand it.

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