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> The Waldorf Educational movement could be another resource. It is like the
> Sudbury Model only with more structure. Both believe in engaging a child's
> will and never suppressing it. Academics (READING) are not taught until 3rd
> grade. No text books are used children make there own lesson books.
> Emphasis is on music, art, drama handwork (making clothes, dolls, straw
> houses , . Two languages are taught orally from grade one .
> In grade one the kids make there own knitting needles from whittling wood.
> Knitting is considered an important skill, which later aid reading and math
> ability. The children have the same teacher for the first 8 years.

Your statement bewilders me. In what way is the sort of school you
describe similar to a Sudbury model school? Waldorf schools are certainly
places with _different_ curricula than traditional schools do. But
Waldorf schools certainly do _have_ curriculum, which are enforced just as
dilligently as the curriculum in a traditional school.

The Sudbury model seems to me to be every bit as distant from Waldorf
model as it is from the traditional model. I see only confirmation of
this in the evidence that you present.

I would strongly suggest advise you to read the article at
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