RE: DSM: attracting relatively free kids to a Sudbury school

Ben Robins (
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 02:54:37

Hi Amy,

>We have become a legitimate option for home schoolers who are
>looking for a broader base of people or activities to draw on, or perhaps
>lives changed and they weren't able to continue home schooling (parent
>needed to
>get a job or something). These families are wonderful resources for the
>and very supportive in general (except for the parents who are focused on
>benefits of home schooling as an inexpensive option).

So the situation is reversed and you're attracting people who aren't even
interested in the Sudbury model!

How big a problem is that? Most new schools split in half because half the
school didn't really want a Sudbury model school.

Another problem mentioned in Starting a Sudbury is that one school became
the dumping ground for public school "alternative students."

Do Sudbury schools near a variety of other alternative schools have less
problem with people coming in to tinker with the model (since the people
will likely find another school that requires less tinkering)? Has the type
of tinkering changed over time? Will Sudbury schools always be swamped by

Ben "soon to fade back into the background" Robins
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