Re: Re: DSM: I Quit!
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:20:50 -0500

I am currently an education student at the University of Georgia, and
for a while I too thought I could ride in on my white horse and save the
children, but the more I see of public education (I attended a Waldorf
School) the more I know that i will be miserable there. There are
currently no Sudbury Model schools in my area, but there are some people
wanted something different, so who knows, maybe there will be one here
soon. I have decided that teh system is broken and this whole "fixing it
from the inside " business is not going to work. They don't want it to
be fixed. Anyway, you are not leaving a noble profession, you are doing
what all teachers who beleive that children are human beings should do.
Good for you.
Emma Jones

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