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Mitch Berg (
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:30:51 -0600

I'm going to break my own vow and delve briefly into one of these endlessly
obtuse discussions for just a moment:

A republic is a fine way to govern a large, diverse nation.

For what it's worth - the way I see it, democratic school isn't necessarily
about teaching *government*, it's about letting kids take responsibility for
their own education. Republics are a compromise between individual
responsibility and efficiency (and some other things too, of course - I'm
simplifying here), devolving SOME power (hopefully carefully restricted)
away from the individual. Why does anyone see such a compromise being
necessary, *if your goal is the childrens' education?*

Why embroider the simplicity of the pure democracy in a body the size we're
discussing, if the goal is to teach responsibility rather than civics?

And let's be realistic, does anyone see a Sudbury school ever becoming large
enough to make discussions about how to govern huge bodies of students
anything other than blithely academic? Excessive size is one of the
problems in the public schools most of us are fleeing (or trying to flee) in
the first place!

Back to lurking.

Mitch Berg
Can't believe I posted this...
Saint Paul

> Democracy is an utopia -- show me a country that is a pure
> democracy. Still SVS gets closer to that ideal.
> Why democracy?
> Because it makes good sense for a school to be run
> democratically in a country where all forms of government
> are democratic and the same in a country that wants to improve
> and strengthen its democracy,

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