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> Your examples are from the world of art and I will try to stay there. I
played a
> musical instrument. Hours are spent practicing alone. Then hours are
> practicing in a group (since democracy is a group activity I will not
deal with
> the person who plays an instrument that is not part of a group). Only
when certain
> "tests" are passed would one, normally, be allowed to play in a major
> hall. Certainly there would have been the recital for the family, the
concert in
> the church, or whatever leading up to a major performance where people
> pay big bucks to hear the great performance.

In my music school, children can participate on concerts even if they are
beginners. (of course they first start to play very easy pieces and parts).
We have open air concerts and concerts in halls containing about 500 persons
where the public pay. (Of course it's not Carnegie Hall!)
The pieces and the succession of pieces are choosen by all performers. This
includes many pieces composed by 7/8 year old children.

The presentation, light show and a part of the sound technic are also
controlled by children.


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