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David Rovner (
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 10:29:02 +0200

Just some thoughts on the subject: "why do you feel democracy is a better way
to run a school than a republican form of government ?"
(John Axtell Mon, 26 Mar 2001 11:31:06 -0800)

As Einstein said (I think he did): "everything is relative";
for instance: Mexico is a Republic -- would you say it is a Democracy?

As Daniel Greenberg wrote:
"'Democracy' seems to mean many things to many people. To the regimes
of Eastern Europe it designates (designated, actually.- d.r.) an autocratic one-party
rule conducted for the presumed benefit of the masses . . ."

Is U.S.A. a Democracy?

Ayn Rand claimed that a Welfare State is not a Democratic Nation -- it does not
the Rights of Individuals.

Regime in a nation -- I agree with Ayn Rand -- is intimately related with economy
in that nation.

You don't have a Democracy if you have a Welfare State -- a Mixed Economy:
a mixture in varying degrees of freedom and controls, of voluntary choice and
government coercion, of capitalism and statism.
Regime in school is not intimately related with economy.
It is not right to compare regime in a nation with regime at school.

So you can't say: democracy is a better way -- or a worse way --
to run a school than a republican form of government.

School and nation must be seen in a different scale. They must be seen --
in this sense -- as different, as social organizations.



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