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That is exactly what I am asking. It also has to do with the division of
labor as well as assuming that those elected to responsible positions and who
are accountable to the electorate will make the effort to spend more time
learning about their area of responsibility than the general population.

I disagree with your use of the term "more capable". I feel I am as capable
as my congressman, who I relate to well, but I have "hired" him to work for
me to get a specific job done so I can do other work. I feel the same way
toward my county commissioners.


Joseph Moore wrote:

> I don't see the distinction you are making between democratic versus
> republican forms of government in this case - republicanism is a flavor of
> democracy - people are presumed to continue to hold sovereignty under a
> republic. Are you focusing on the aspect of republicanism whereby the
> presumably less capable are imagined to elect a presumably more capable
> representative to make the hard decisions for them?
> Joseph
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> I ask everyone on this list, why do you feel democracy is a better way
> to run a school than a republican form of governement ?
> I appreciate the time you folks have taken to educate me.
> John Axtell

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