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John Axtell (
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 18:41:12 -0800


The question I am asking is why is the democratic model which is so important
in the SV model preferred and a teaching model than a republican model? There
is a basic philosophical difference between the two methods of arriving at
rules and decisions. My question is why does the SV model prefer the
democratic paradigm to a republic paradigm?

The question, at least in my mind, has nothing to do with the number of people
involved but which provides a better learning environment for students. So -
does anyone know why the model is based on a democratic model rather than a
republican model ?

Certainly size should not impact a decision so basic as the form of decision
making is best for a learning environment.

I would hope that for this discussion it would be possible to agree that a
republican form of government is totally different from a democratic form of
government. It is most unfortunate that the public school system in the United
States teaches that we are a democracy when we are simply not.


Alan Klein wrote:

> John,
> I think most people see "republican" as a form of "democracy" better suited
> to larger numbers of people. Therefore, your question is somewhat moot.
> ~Alan
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> > I ask everyone on this list, why do you feel democracy is a better way
> > to run a school than a republican form of governement ?

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