Re: DSM: attracting relatively free kids to a Sudbury school
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:55:41 EST

There are a few kids in really non-coercive families. However, even in these
families the parents tend to control the space a LOT more than the kids, and
there is a lot less space. The least-coercive parents tend to be seen as (by
their kids) more judgmental than the most judgmental staff and students in a

In home schooling the possibility of interactions on a day-to-day basis with
a real community of people, outside of the family, who are fine with whatever
you are doing is very limited. Not non-existent, but much more limited than
it is in a five day a week school. Family is what you have in both
situations; a community is what you need! That is more than a nuclear
family, and to be a real community must be present a lot of the week.

Kids can use resources freely in the world? What world do you live in, Ben?
Kids can generally, unless they are older teens, only get to most resources,
if they are home-schooling, just like they can only get to other kids, if
their parents make an effort. Thus they are totally dependent on their

I can't understand how anyone can not see the difference. Every kid that
visits SVS sees it. Not all want it: some are happy in the safe, nurturing,
but somewhat limited social environment of home schooling.

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