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Yes this is basically how I felt. An underlying feeling that things weren't
sitting 'right' in regards to our children's schooling. When I first read
about Sudbury schools, it was an instant feeling of relief that there was
'something' else out there.


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> I think sentiments like this go far and wide. Parents all over the place
> want something better but they don't know where to go or what to do. They
> can't put their finger on it, but they know that the current system is
> inadequate.
> Laura
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> Hi, I joined the list recently hoping to learn as much as I can about
> Sudbury schools. This post spark my attention. Greg - I would love to hear
> more about your experience at Booroobin Sudbury School. We have recently
> booked our children in there to have a 'try out week' in May. (They are so
> excited and can hardly wait) We live near Townsville, so the move is a big
> deal for us, but hopefully it will pay off for our children.
> I really feel public awareness of the Sudbury model of schools needs to be
> increased. I was lucky enough to stumble on the Boorboobin Sudbury School
> web site. Anyone we talk to about the school has no idea that anything
> this even exists. I felt very helpless in regards to our children's
> education before discovering the web site. We have spent years trying to
> figure out what was 'wrong' with our children, we had never even gone down
> the trail of thought that it was something wrong with the schools and not
> our children. Since our eyes have been opened so brilliantly about this, I
> have observed so many other parents trying to work out what is 'wrong'
> their problem children, involving trying to find 'labels' for them, many
> many hours/weeks/months of special classes on top of the already huge
> of time in school. It is almost heartbreaking. But as we know personally,
> you do the best you can until you learn a better way. I am very grateful
> have been shown a better way, but have wonder if other parents are going
> be lucky enough to stumble across the right information as we have?
> regards,
> Paula B.
> > > My name is Greg Dutton and I wish to start an SVS here in
> > > Sydney Australia.
> > > My venture partner - Mark Virtue and I have visited the only
> > > SVS modelled
> > > school in Australia (Queenslands Booroobin Sudbury School) 3
> > > weeks ago.
> > > Their school was very impressive and we anticipate building
> > > an alliance with
> > > them to share ideas and perhaps resources.
> > > We are launching our "Who's interested" night on Monday 23rd
> > > April 2001 and
> > > are about to order the SVS Planning Kit (just awaiting
> > > advice on how to get
> > > the videotapes converted to the Australian viewing format -
> > > PAL).
> > >
> > > In the meantime we would be grateful if anyone could advise
> > > us how to, or
> > > put us in touch with any people you know of, from our
> > > region, (Sydney
> > > Australia) that may also be interested in an SVS start-up.
> > >

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