Re: DSM: Can it be too big?

Marko Koskinen (
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 14:30:24 -0500

> In my mind, Sudbury schools resemble universities more than they resemble
> secondary schools. Having said that, most major universities are >10,000.

We haven't really much discussed this issue at our starting group, but I
would really like to make it possible to the students to study at the
school all the way up to PhD. That means that it would actually be a
combination of all levels of schooling, but in an environment of freedom
and mutual respect.

The problem with larger democratic communities is that people easily
feel that they cannot influence the decisions, this is especially
important issue for young people, because their oppression is totally
based on isolating them from the decision making society.

I feel that in Sudbury Valley there are already too many people for them
to feel truely empowered to participate in the decision making
processes. But the other side of the coin is the social environment and
I think that in SVS there are students who can't find people who they
could relate to easily enough. So, as a conclusion, I believe SVS has
quite an ideal number of people.

Of course my experience in the School has been too short to really have
a deep understanding of the situation there, but I base my arguments on
my intuition and feelings.


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