Re: DSM: Can it be too big?

CindyK (
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 21:49:00 -0500

  I have my own hypotheses about how
> large such schools can grow, but they are really irrelevent

> --Scott David Gray

I would be interested to hear your hypotheses if you'd be willing to share
them. I understand that every school will be different and there are
inumerable variables involved. I just want to play with the idea a little.
Does it get difficult to make decisions and hold effective school meetings
with a larger group of people? or does the democratic setting automatically
take care of it? Does it take more time with a larger group? SVS would
really have a lot of history with this one because they have been both small
and now quite large (in comparison). They have also honed the process over
the years so it may seem easier now even with the larger numbers than it did
in the early years with smaller numbers.

In play,

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