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The following response was posted on 6 March.

>I wrote to you saying that we were converting our videos to PAL format. Did
>you not get the email? I am sorry if you did not. They will be available to
>anyone who wants in PAL format now (at a small additional charge).
>Mimsy at SVS

On Thu, 22 Mar 2001 12:34:55 +1100, you wrote:

>Thanks for the suggestion Stephanie.
>Yes, it would solve the problem, but there's the cost.
>Buying a new VCR, then shipping it to Australia (and
>probably paying import duty) - it's a little expensive for
>the very few NTSC videos that we would ever watch.
>It is actually possible to buy a VCR in Australia that will
>play both PAL and NTSC videos. If I didn't have a VCR at
>the moment and needed one, then I would buy one of these
>dual ones. But I do of course have a VCR, so I can't
>justify the expense.
>I guess Greg and I were just wondering if a PAL version was
>available, and if not, whether anyone has the capacity and
>the inclination to convert one for us.
>Thanks again,
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>> I was wndering, would buying a VCR from the USA solve your
>> stephanie greenberg

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