DSM: Can it be too big?

CindyK (cindyk@unitz.on.ca)
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 16:30:22 -0500

Hi everyone,

I was talking with my co-founder and we were trying to figure out if there would be a maximum size for a Sudbury School. Could it ever be too big? I know from the literature that a few of the early students wish it had been bigger back then and then they had in excess of 50 students. I have also heard another grad mention wanting to do drama but there was noone else interested and that it's hard to do a play by yourself. So it seems that bigger can be better. I can see that there would be more students and staff who may then share the same interests thereby making it more fun. SVS is at around 200 students now - does that work well? Are there any problems to being larger? How big would SVS get if it could?

I know as a starter group I shouldn't be worrying about being too big! :) I'm just curious. My co-founder spoke of splitting the school once it reached the magic number and we were wondering what that number would be. I'm not looking for exact answers (obviously there are none). I'm just curious as to whether 200 is a good number or would 400 be better? Does the school get harder to manage the larger it gets? Any comments would be welcome here. I'm just playing. Thanks.


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