DSM: RE: how to find co-founders?

Alan or Laura Gabelsberg (argable@swbell.net)
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 17:51:24 -0600

Thank you, Mimsy. This means I am on the right track! I have put together
a little website for passing on your link to interested people I meet and
the links to the other Sudbury schools as well as a link to TCS. What are
some of the avenues one might use to look for co-founders?


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To Laura:

I guess the first thing I would suggest you do is steep yourself in the
Sudbury school literature, including such things as reading Starting a
Sudbury Model School, and perhaps even purchasing a Planning Kit, if you
that serious about it. These things are way ahead of even thinking about
visiting. But it is never too soon to start floating the ideas out there
and trying to find some like-minded people to help you found a school. It
takes a lot of time and a lot of work, and the bonds you form with founders
early on will help.

Incorporation can wait till the start-up group is chugging along, and the
start-up group will need to all do a lot of reading and talking and reading
and listening and talking to get to a place that is held in common among all
of them before that happens.


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