Joe Jackson (
Sun, 11 Mar 2001 13:30:16 -0500

> Many of us have claimed that his ideas, and others like them, constitute
> "psychotherapy". I disagree. It would certainly be coercive
> intrusion if an
> outside force (staff, parents, etc.) imposed it on the SM. I find nothing
> unworkable, however, about a SM deciding to operate along the lines Marko
> suggests.

Which ideas are you talking about, Alan? I think people have pointed out
the psychotherapeutic aspects of mediation, and nobody has inferred that
mediation is not a quintessentially therapeutic process.

But I might have missed a post in which consensus decision-making models
were claimed to have psychotherapeutic qualities. That's an interesting
idea - is that what you think?

Do you really find the suggested laissez-faire mediation process as the sole
enforcer of individual rights "workable", Alan?


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