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Joe Jackson (shoeless@jazztbone.com)
Sun, 11 Mar 2001 07:56:19 -0500

Regarding ideas for School Meeting decision-making:

> 1) introduction for the issue being discussed about

Already included in Robert's Rules. The motion is read, and any questions
as to the nature of the issue can be directed at the presenter or to anyone.

> 2) round of discussion so that everybody willing to speak would
> announce themselves and everybody would get to say what they wanted to
> say

Already included in Robert's Rules: motions are discussed prior to voting.

> 3) round of suggestions for the problem so that everybody having one
> would announce themselves and everybody would get to say their
> suggestion

Already included: suggestions can either happen informally through informal
discussion, by an informal suggestion during discussion, or formally through
an amendment.

> 4) discussion in pairs for (e.g.) 2 minutes about the suggestions

Can happen through a recess if necessary.

> 5) vote for the suggestions

Already happens in Robert's Rules.

> 6) if there wasn't an agreement, would go back to 2)
> 7) repeat until unanimous decision reached

This is counter to democracy. There will always items that in most
cultures, absent of coercion, will never have unanimous consent. Given
that, the minority having the power to control a measure amounts to de facto

The best I can tell, everything you have suggested with the exception of the
"unanimous decision" idea already exists in the current framework. I think
perhaps the idea behind the consensus idea in #6 and #7 is, like mediation,
that people are not people and will behave reasonably all the time,
listening to others and stepping aside at the appropriate moments. :)

-Joe Jackson

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