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Sat, 10 Mar 2001 08:24:25 EST

I think you underestimate those of use who are drawn to the Sudbury model
(just as so many underestimate children). When I read the original email I
was angered by the actions of the community, not by the rules of the school.
I would expect such behavior by storeowners and police in New York City where
I live, but I [however naively] would hope for more respectful behavior in
other communities.

The reality is, children are no longer accepted as part of our communities.
They are lepers to be isolated in a colony (school) until they are "adults."
As an unschooler, I believe that my granddaughter should not be in any school
but learning directly from participation in the community in which she lives;
but my views are modified by the realities of living in the United States,
and specifically New York, in the year 2001. Most of the community is closed
to her during the school day, and the school day consumes a large part of her
waking hours. So I turn to the best alternative I can think of - the best
leper colony, so to speak. I think it's a Sudbury-model school.
Unfortunately there is none in New York, and although I have the Sudbury kit,
I have to say honestly that I'm reluctant to give over my life to trying to
start a school. But as my granddaughter nears four, I am tempted at least to
hold informational meetings at the library and see how much interest I can


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