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Joseph Roach (josroach@yahoo.com)
Fri, 9 Mar 2001 05:58:40 -0800 (PST)

What follows is a paraphrase of a letter we are
sending home with students today regarding an incident


Dear Friends:

Yesterday morning, a shop owner at a local shopping
center call the police because they saw three of our
younger students who were shopping for party favors
for a birthday party. The three girls are nine, nine
and six. They have permission to go the the shopping
center, and the shopping center is about half a mile
down the road from us. The police were high-handed in
their treatment of the girls and the school. They
called the girls' parents and would not release the
girls to the School.

John Hiner spoke to the Attorney General's office
about the incident and a meeting is being scheduled so
that a representative of the Attorney General's office
and the police and meet with interested members of the
School Assembly to discuss the issues involved.

The police, late yesterday afternoon, issued a "press
release" which cast the incident in a bad light. John
Hiner and Bethany Wallace (one of the girls involved)
were interviewed by WB17 News (a Phila. station) last
night. Though emotively biased, there was some balance
on the presentation on WB17.

We thought you should have this information, so that
you will not be caught unawares, if anyone mentions
the incident.

We would appreciate any information or suggestions
which you can give us about reaction or response to
this incident.


/s/ Melanie Jago Hiner


We'll keep you all posted.

Best regards,

Joe Roach
The New School

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