Re: DSM: SOS From Stork School

Mark Stafford & Angela Sevin (
Thu, 08 Mar 2001 17:37:18 -0800


Could you please send Oleg my email address? I would like to get back in touch
with the Stork school. I read your post from Oleg on the IDEC list, but I have
no way of knowing if he received my reply. Thanks!

Angela Sevin wrote:

> I received the following e mail today from Oleg Belin of the Stork Family
> School in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Some of you have heard about this school on the
> list and some have read about their recent 10th Anniversary Celebration in
> the latest issue of our Magazine, the Education Revolution. If you'd like to
> help them, e mail me at > help them, e mail me at
> Jerry Mintz
> HI everybody,
> The tenth anniversary of Stork School is likely to turn out to be the
> last one. Now our bank account is arrested because of our old debts for
> heat. Up to now we were allowed to pay for current consumption plus cover a
> part of the debt each month. It was understood that gradually the debt would
> be covered. But all of sudden the right to demand our debt was transferred
> to the tax administration and they are trying to make us pay all the sum
> (about $5000) immediately.
> We keep struggling and never lose hope. We still hope to find
> understanding people in the administration and we believe in our friends'
> support and in God's help.
> Bye,
> Oleg

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