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Now I am really confused. As I am beginning to understand the SV model
it is based on individual freedoms for the child to explore ..... ect.
Now you are saying that X does not have the right to walk on a frozen
pond and that Y does not have the right to decide if he should suggest
to X that it is not a really great idea, just watch X, or report X to
some "higher authority" that runs X's life.

It would seem all these rules is the antithesis of individual freedom.

We had a case like this just a few months ago in a community near ours,
it had nothing to do with school except the two boys were good friends.
They choose to walk out on a frozen lake, fell through and are both
dead. The parents had no idea the boys were on the lake. The parents had
given the boys the freedom to "explore". I am the type of parent who
totally controlled the lives of his children, as much as I could, to
prevent their ability to make these kind of "free will" choices. But I
am the type of parent that believes that my children have no "
fundamental right" to choose, period.

Is the SV model fundamentally based on freedom and individual
responsibility or is it based on a foundation of rules and regulations
created by the democratic process by people that may have already left
the school but are now imposed by others in the community, even to the
point of having one student report on the behavior of other students.

John Axtell

Scott Gray wrote:

> Under the rules in place at Sudbury Valley, yes.
> On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, David Rovner wrote:
> > X takes a walk on the frozen pond at SVS.
> > He knows doing that is breaking a rule.
> > Y happens to be there and sees X's misdeed.
> > Is Y obliged to report the infraction done by X?
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