DSM: Introducing SERN

Kristin Harkness (kristin@harkness.net)
Thu, 8 Mar 2001 08:06:31 -0500


We are writing today as members of the Steering Committee of the Sudbury
Education Resource Network, SERN. Some of you have heard from us already
regarding our journal, Perspectives on Sudbury Education
(http://www.sudburynetwork.org/perspectives.htm) and our web site,
http://www.sudburynetwork.org. This posting is for those of you who have
_not_ yet heard from us :)

SERN's mission is to support Sudbury model schools and to expand
understanding of the Sudbury model of education. To that end, SERN is
actively pursuing various projects in 2001, one of which is related to our
web site. We are striving to maintain a complete and correct list of
Sudbury model schools, start-up groups and similar schools
(http://www.sudburynetwork.org/networking.htm). We have contacted and
listed many schools and groups already, however, we know that there are
schools and groups that we have missed.

So, if you belong to a school or group, and your organization has not heard
from us, and you are interested in being listed (or just in finding out more
about being listed) please contact Kristin Harkness at SERN

SERN has many plans for 2001. Check our web site Happenings area
(http://www.sudburynetwork.org/happenings.htm) early and often!

SERN Steering Committee
  Mary Lou Cohn
  Betsy East
  Kristin Harkness
  Linda Zimmerman

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