Re: DSM: RE: JC and SM

Marko Koskinen (
Wed, 07 Mar 2001 00:23:38 -0500

> Your ideas about conflict resolution are interesting. How are you thinking
> of implementing these ideas in your school?

This would probably be a matter of discussion at the School Meeting, if
school meeting is considered the best way to organize the school
governance. It is totally possible that the SM will decide not to get
such a system, but I would probably suggest and argue for it myself if I
was elected to be a staff member there.

> Will they be subject to change?

Sure. It's up to SM (or whatever governing system we will have).

> If so, what body of people will have the authority to change them?

see above.

> If someone continues to have conflicts with others, and is not amenable to
> having these conflicts addressed through your conflict resolution system,
> will additional steps be taken? If so, by whom?

This is once again up to SM. I would possibly suggest something similar
that SVS usually suggests, that is forming a negotiation group that
would discuss with the student involved with and possibly with his/her
parents. If this wouldn't lead to a solution, then we might make a deal
with the parents to use "non-permissive counseling", which I can
describe if someone wants more information. This is where my view
differs from the "official" Sudbury view. And I know I possibly don't
share this view with others on our starting group so I just would have
to argue for it at the SM, and the SM might just find much better
alternatives for the problem.


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