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Tue, 6 Mar 2001 20:45:33 -0800 (PST)


Your ideas about conflict resolution are interesting. How are you thinking
of implementing these ideas in your school? Will they be subject to change?
 If so, what body of people will have the authority to change them? If
someone continues to have conflicts with others, and is not amenable to
having these conflicts addressed through your conflict resolution system,
 will additional steps be taken? If so, by whom?


On a related note, I'd like to ask people affiliated with SVS and other
SV-model schools if the School Meeting is limited in any way in its authority
within the school and, if so, how? I understand that there is an Assembly
of some kind, which I believe involves all students, staff, and parents,
 and that it sets what I've heard described as "broad policy", but I am
interested to hear more specifics on this.

Also, I read in Scott Gray's intro to the discuss-sudbury-model mailing
list that "Democracy alone is not enough to create a stable happy community.
... As such, the school grants the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights
to its students." I am curious to know more about the specifics of these
rights: which rights are granted (e.g. the right to bear arms might be problematic),
 in what manner are the rights granted, and what person or group of people
is entrusted with ensuring that the School Meeting does not flout these

Todd Robinson

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