DSM: SOS From Stork School

Tue, 6 Mar 2001 20:00:06 EST

I received the following e mail today from Oleg Belin of the Stork Family
School in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Some of you have heard about this school on the
list and some have read about their recent 10th Anniversary Celebration in
the latest issue of our Magazine, the Education Revolution. If you'd like to
help them, e mail me at help them, e mail me at jerryaero@aol.com.

Jerry Mintz

    HI everybody,
    The tenth anniversary of Stork School is likely to turn out to be the
last one. Now our bank account is arrested because of our old debts for
heat. Up to now we were allowed to pay for current consumption plus cover a
part of the debt each month. It was understood that gradually the debt would
be covered. But all of sudden the right to demand our debt was transferred
to the tax administration and they are trying to make us pay all the sum
(about $5000) immediately.
    We keep struggling and never lose hope. We still hope to find
understanding people in the administration and we believe in our friends'
support and in God's help.

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