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Dawn F. Harkness (dawn@harkness.net)
Tue, 6 Mar 2001 14:08:48 -0500

>Of course it does... The books about SVS are full of things how this and
>that influences the people. If this is not "shaping" them, then what is?
>It is just a question of HOW we want to shape others.
>> Only to require a certain level of social
>> responsibility from them, a level that the community insists on.
>I guess I think this requirement is too harsh. I believe Sudbury schools
>can be made for everyone, not just people who are already capable of
>being responsible of themselves.
>As I wrote in another post, I consider SVS to be a great place, but
>there are some aspects that I might want to do differently in our
>school. But that's a thing that time will tell... =)

I am fascinated with the latest discussion on the importance and
effectiveness of the J.C. and the School Meeting within the educational
mission of Sudbury schools. I like the J.C. and School Meeting and I
wouldn't change a thing about their basic structure and function. (Don't
get me wrong here though. Just because I like the J.C and S.M. doesn't mean
I agree with all the decisions which occur there. Just as in the real
world, sometimes I think juries come to the wrong verdict and/or sentence.
Sometimes, the best candidate does not get elected. Sometimes rules get
adopted which I think are wrong, IMHO. But that's the way the cookie
crumbles.) For me, both J.C and S.M. were key factors in my decision to
enroll my daughter at SVS. I believe they provide her with hands on
experience in how the democratic and legal systems work in the United
States. I believe that living, playing and working in a school which has
adopted these mechanisms will enable her to function at a higher lever when
she becomes an adult, hopefully living in the USA. (Nothing xenophobic
about this folks, I just like living in the same country as my only child.)
For this reason, I would think that folks from other democratic countries
would want to create school governance mechanisms which mirror the
democracies in which they live.

Dawn Harkness

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