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I hope you can soon recover from being "bummed".

No problem, there. I'm smilin'' already! ;-)

If no one questioned the model of the public school system there would be no
improvements and no SV model. I am sure you do not think the SV model can
be built upon and improved.

Sure, it can be improved. But the improvement to be gained moving from schooling as commonly experienced to the SV model dwarfs, in my opinion, any incremental changes to be gained by improving the SV model itself.

You make a most interesting point. The value to you, at least if I
you correctly, is not the JC or other "stuff" in the model but the freedom
individuals to interact and the energy that comes from it.

Right - the JC, School Meeting, rules and physical plant all have as their chief function enabling kids to act and interact in freedom. At least, that's my opinion this week.


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