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John Axtell (
Tue, 06 Mar 2001 09:00:15 -0800


I hope you can soon recover from being "bummed".

If no one questioned the model of the public school system there would be no
improvements and no SV model. I am sure you do not think the SV model can not
be built upon and improved.

I personally can take a month writing one page of policy and then six months
later go back and tear it apart and rebuild it, hopefully improving it with
what I have learned in the past six months. Any model that is static is, in my
personal opinion, dead. We live in a fluid world and anything retaining value
must, I believe, by definition, be fluid responding to the changing needs of
the environment of which it is a part.

You make a most interesting point. The value to you, at least if I understand
you correctly, is not the JC or other "stuff" in the model but the freedom of
individuals to interact and the energy that comes from it.

Now it would be great if everyone on the list had the money to visit a SV model
school for a month to get the real feel but then each SV model school probably
has a significantly different feel as the feel probably very dependent on the
people in the school on that day.

Given the fact that most of us can not visit a real school then we have to take
abstract concepts via the Internet to attempt in some very poor way the reality
of which the model speaks. Most of us can not even afford the videos.

John Axtell

Joseph Moore wrote:

> I'm a little bummed with the vigor and relish with which people have been
> beating on the model the last day or 2 - not that the model and the people
> on the list can't take, of course they can, but that so much of it seems so
> abstracted from the actual experience of the kids in the school.

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